Why I Am Running for School Board


“Julie sees the big picture of what is possible. She’s measured in her approach and gets things done. I’ve seen first-hand her work purposely for our schools, students and teachers.”

— Karen gabler, edina parent and 2017 Co-Chair VOTE YES! EPS Citizen Campaign


My name is Julie Greene and I am proud to live in a vibrant community, like Edina, that places high-quality education squarely at its foundation.

I am running for School Board because I believe putting all 8,500 Edina Public School students’ needs at the very core of our district’s vision, commitment and purpose is how we ensure we are creating pathways of access, opportunity and personal academic success for everyone. A healthy and strong school district community starts with a leadership team that is strategic in planning and oversight, sets policy that is both data-informed and values-driven, remains fiscally responsible and accountable, and is steadfast in their commitment to our schools’ frontline — our teachers.

Even with increased competition for our schools to remain on top and increasing pressure on our students to perform, Edina Public Schools and our teachers continue to broaden the definition of excellence with impactful, rigorous and innovative work already happening in and out of our classrooms. And, we have more important work to do.

Teachers tell us what drives and defines personal academic success is unique to each student. I believe them as I’ve had a front row seat (13 years and counting) to my own four kids carving their own educational path with their own set of goals, successes and yes, challenges.

Doing things better and smarter has always been at the heart of Edina and our schools. If elected, I am prepared and ready to bring my experience, energy and perspective to carry on this great tradition.

I ask for your leadership, support and of course, your vote. Thank you.